Welfare Report

  • 7. 4. 2022

Welfare Report is a report on the development of Slovak social system as it is the largest part of public finance expenditure.

To create it, we analyzed social system, evaluated intended and unintended effects of its measures, and modeled further development of the system and its costs.

Welfare Report summarizes legislative developments, provides an overview of individual benefits of the social system, the number of their recipients, the average amount, the volume paid and other parameters.

It also adds to each instrument of social policy an analytical view of the factors that affect the number of recipients or the amount of the benefit and the forecast of the development.

Social policy is purely the domain of government. Welfare Report does not assess the correctness or suitability of individual social policy instruments. It helps to find out which generation is to gain and which generation is to lose.

It´s aim is to provide public with a summarized data base presenting the history and development of the social system. Further reports will be focused on selected topics. We believe that Welfare report will contribute to a better professional and political debate on the social system, as well as to improving the quality of proposals for changes in social policy in the future.

Read more, find data appendix or main conclusions (in Slovak only) HERE.